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Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (OF)

Dr. Seltsam oder: Wie ich lernte, die Bombe zu lieben
Darsteller: , , , ,
FSK: ab 12
Produktionsjahr: 1964
Produktionsland: GB
The Cold War is dominating the military situation in the world, when US General Jack D. Ripper believes to have arrived at the truth: The Russians only drink vodka because they have have poisoned the water — a worldwide conspiracy of the communists. He activates Code Red and launches an attack of bombers armed with nuclear missiles bound for the Soviet Union. British Captain Mandrake is shocked but can't conceive of a way to stop the catastrophe...


Datum: Uhrzeit: Ort: Programm: Kurzfilm:
20:00 Aula OF SS14 Balance (7 min.)
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