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22.08.2012 Kalender speichern

Iron Man 1 + 2 (OF)

Darsteller: , , , ,
FSK: ab 12
FBW: keine
Produktionsjahr: 2007
Produktionsland: USA
Filmformat: CS
Tony Stark owes his wealth and fame to his outstanding engineering skills which he brings into service as weapon constructor. With his business empire he is the most important supplier of arms for the US-Government. While being kidnapped by terrorists who force him to build a disastrous weapon he constructs an iron armor helping him to escape. Back in America he announces his company Stark Industries will stop building weapons, whereby he gets several enemies. Afterwards he enhances his armor to become the superhero Iron Man...


Datum: Uhrzeit: Ort: Programm: Kurzfilm:
20:00 Aula OF H12 Tempo (4 min.)
20:00 Aula H08 Pact (10 min.)
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