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The Hunger Games (OF)

Die Tribute von Panem – The Hunger Games
Darsteller: , ,
FSK: ab 12
FBW: keine
Produktionsjahr: 2012
Produktionsland: USA
After many wars and natural disasters the country of Panem has been founded and divided into twelve districts by an adamant administration. Every year two contestants per district are randomly picked to compete in a fight on life-or-death: In the end only one can survive. When 16-year old Katniss' little sister is chosen she volunteers to safe her. Heavy-heartedly she has to say goodbye to both her family and her best friend Gale. Only when Peeta, her district's second 'Tribute', confesses his love for her, she decides to do what is necessary: Break the rules.


Datum: Uhrzeit: Ort: Programm: Kurzfilm:
20:00 Aula OF H12 Trotzdem Danke (7 min.)
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