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Logan (OF)

Darsteller: , , , , ,
FSK: ab 16
Produktionsjahr: 2017
Produktionsland: US
Filmformat: 1:1,85
The X-Men vanished decades ago and Logan lives secluded from the world in an abandoned wasteland. He is taking care of his former mentor - the world's most powerful telepath Charles Xavier. He is old and can't control his powers any longer due to mental illness. The self-healing powers of Logan have become weaker as well and there are not many mutants left. Logan is resigned and doesn't have a purpose to live for until he and Charles find a little girl that seems to be like Logan. She is alone and chased by an ominous organization. They decide to help her - an unusual road trip and the last journey for Logan begins.


Datum: Uhrzeit: Ort: Programm: Kurzfilm:
20:00 Aula OF SS17 Hiyab – Das Kopftuch (8 min.)
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