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How to join us!

You feel like meeting other film enthusiasts, catching up on the latest movies and helping out with setting up and running the technology  behind our movie screenings? Then come join us!

If you're interested, simply stop by the main building before one of our movies (about 7:15 pm) for you to get to know us, and we'll show you around - setting up the technology for the movies, our ticket and snack sale, and so on. Another fun possibility of getting to know us is to come to our regular's table, which takes place every second Monday of each month at 8 pm in the bar "Kaktus" (Pontstraße). Of course, you can also write us an email:

Gruppenfoto Teambuilding 2018

Filmstudio members at the Wildenhof, Teambuilding 2023

TdSI 2017

Being a regular member and helping out with the movie screenings as part of our team has one super benefit: You get to watch all our movies for free! Of course, there's also no entry fee for becoming a regular member, either. The only requirement for you to become part of our team is that you need to be registered as a student at an Aachen university. But even if you're not a student in Aachen, we're happy to talk to and show around anyone who's interested in what we do or wants to help!

As a member, you decide how much you'd like to participate. There are easier jobs to do, e.g. admission control before our movies, but you can also help in creating the next program, designing our advertising material, or taking care of the cinema technology.

We hope to see you soon!