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Our Library on Films

If you're interested, you can check out our library full of  books and magazines on film-related topics! Our collection includes titles such as "epd film", "Blickpunkt:Film", "Film&TV Kamera", and "Professional Production" and many more. The majority of our books and magazines are in German. Some, however, are in English (Monthly Film Bulletin), French (Cahiers du Cinéma) or Dutch (Skoop). Our most recent books are from 2003, so our collection will be most interesting for people who want to know more about the first century of film history. Amongst different books on directors, stars, and genres you will also find books on some rather specific topics, e.g. "Die Eisenbahn in der Welt des Films". Ranging from large picture books to more sophisticated theoretical texts - there is a lot to discover! And lastly, our huge collection of magazines gives a lively impression on the zeitgeist of the tumultous 60s and 70s.