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Rocky Horror Picture Show

Let's do the Time Warp again!

That's our motto since we started showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show in 2008, in its original version.
But for this film we don't have the projector do all the work alone..! For this film, we perform a little live act on stage to some of the scenes - especially those with songs! This is always a big load of fun for everyone, both for "actors" and for you, our audience!

Even you can join in on the fun through various hands-on activities: dress up in your best Transilvanian outfit, through toilet paper, rice, and toast, and don't forget to boo the boring narrator!.
More activities during the movie are listed below. And most importantly: Don't forget to do the Time Warp!

Activities accompanying the film

This event's special atmosphere is created especially by the audience's participation! Here are some infos for you, to know what to do when, so you can be in on the fun: