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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (OV)

When a child with extraordinary powers ends up in the world of Dr. Steven Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), the wizard must do whatever it takes to protect it from the dire dangers and unexpected enemies on their journey across the bizarre multiverse.
As the director, horror film master Sam Raimi returns to Marvel after 15 years - shocking moments and an amount of dread never seen before in the MCU are therefore guaranteed.

Release 2022
Length 126 min
Age Rating ab 12
Country US
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Director Sam Raimi
Actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen, Benedict Wong
Internet Movie Database 7.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes 74%
Metacritic 60/100
Awards 5 nominations

Wednesday 17.08.2022 20:15 Uhr, Aula